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Carl and Joe Waller’s vision of providing superior drywall service for the needs of every customer came to fruition when they established Waller Drywall on June 19th, 1961, in Atlanta, Georgia. After leaving their positions at Atlanta Drywall, the two brothers began their new-founded company by single-handedly accomplishing work from hanging and finishing to stocking supplies. However, they weren’t unassisted for long, a high demand for their exceptional quality permitted them to hire and train several craftsmen.

In 1976, Waller Drywall moved to its present location in Tucker, Georgia. Throughout the past four decades, Carl and JoeWaller’s commitment to fulfilling each customer’s needs with top-to-bottom quality drywall have enabled the company to advance side-by-side with the Atlanta housing market.

Waller Drywall prides itself on its strong family ties. Sons, daughters, cousins, nephews, brother in laws, as well as a son in law, have all contributed their abilities to the profound establishment. Carl's two daughters, Vicki and Toni, along with Joe's two sons, Eddie and Mark, were each employed at the young age of ten. Though, Eddie and Mark expressed an exceptional passion for the trait. In the mid-80s, the two brothers began working full-time.

Several years later, Carl retired to pursue his desire as a full-time grandfather. Joe, Eddie, and Mark continued to work as partners for the following nine years. It was not until 2000 that Joe retired to follow in Carl’s footsteps as a full-time grandfather. Eddie and Mark’s dedication and high level of expertise finally paid off by achieving their childhood dream of owning Waller Drywall.

Waller Drywall is built on the strong foundation of superior drywall. Their reputation of excelling in customer services is in the framework of Waller Drywall as it carries on from generation to generation. 



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  • 2241 Moon Street 
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